Can you really eradicate greenwashing? Optimum debates with Stephen Ashcroft.

During September 2023, Paul sat down with Stephen Ashcroft to debate Greenwashing and the steps that businesses need to take to eradicate it. What is Greenwashing?  Greenwashing is a deceptive marketing or public relations strategy used by businesses to make their services appear more environmentally friendly and sustainable than they actually are. What is Optimums […]

Optimum Business Growth is the new name for 4S Bid

We are delighted to launch Optimum Business Growth, the new name for 4S Bid. Why the change? We believe that the new name is more representative of our ethos, and what we aim to deliver for our clients. The definition of the word optimum is: (adj)favourable or advantageous; best. Our purpose is to put our clients […]